Photography by Tümer Gençtürk


S-S-SPACES (2014-2015) is a choreographic research project developed by Rebecca Camilleri and Nicola Rayworth. Since reading George Perec’s Species of Spaces and Other Pieces (1974) and discovering Perec’s writing techniques, the artists’ quest has been the exploration of space. The artists have been exploring the meaning and relevance of universal spaces to which we all have connected memories and dreams. The project questions how we write through space. How do we individually perceive space and translate it into a narrative form? Investigating individual perceptions of space, the artists transform the gathered material into choreographic and compositional processes to write through space.

The choreographic research process was developed in collaboration with visual artist and architect Adrian Abela and  dance students at Teeside University, UK and School of Performing Arts,University of Malta.

The project’s performance material was created and revised several times depending on the space used. It was presented at MAP Mostra de Processos in Porto, Portugal, MITP theare, Malta, AltoFest in Naples, Italy and at the international conference Species of Spaces: Transdisciplinary Approaches to the Work of Georges Perec at Teeside University, UK.

It was supported by Malta’s British Council, the rubberbodies collective, Teeside University and School of Performing Arts, University of Malta.


“Their vocabulary was characterised by highly rhythmical, often functional movement with few expressive overtones, redolent of early post-modern dance of the 1960s and 1970s in New York… This intelligent and sustained performance was viewed by audience on both sides, removing any notion of fourth wall theatricality, thus allowing strong, pure engagement of dancer/performers with spectator.”

Professor Joanne Butterworth, December 2014