THINKDODOC is a collaborative research project by Rebecca Camilleri (Malta) and Maritea Daehlin (Norway/México) funded by Arts Council Malta.

The objective of the project not to make a final product. Using play as a method, devising was explored as a tool of experimentation and play. Following the structure of THINKING, DOING and DOCUMENTING, both artists explored the action of play through task­based exercises which include walking, talking, writing, making photographs, exploring the relationship of words to images, building a map with objects, going on a silent journey to town, interviewing each other, giving each other personalised tasks as gifts and using spontaneous role­play sessions.

The process raised a lot of subjects which are connected to the artistic practice: such as life, money, the professional sphere, the daily practice, the relevance of the institution and how to document your work.

The project took place in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexicio. Contradictory, it lead to two final products: a blog and a laboratory session which was presented at CASA Vecina and Procesos en Diálogo of La Mecedora in Mexico City.

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