Lore of the Sea

Photography by Darrin Zammit Lupi


Lore of the Sea (2011) is a stylized abstract theatre-cum-mime performance created in collaboration with the Maritime Museum. A project merging art, history, and site together to create novel new experiences with each. Lore of the Sea is a two part event, encompassing an exclusive tour and the dramatised performance itself. The performance takes 5 artifacts from the reserve collection and places them inside of its narratives. It is  devised and scripted from facts and recounts of stories salvaged by the curator of the Maritime Museum.


“Relying solely on the prepared soundtrack and on a mixture of mime and interpretive dance with a dash of tableaux-acting thrown in for good measure, the two performers managed to convey a flow of sensations and experiences related to the items surrounding the performance space – sometimes using the artefacts themselves as part of the performance. This was truly hands-on theatre and interactive history beyond the confines of warning signs and velvet ropes.”

TIMES OF MALTA, André Delicata, September 14, 2011.


Jimmy Grima

Ira Melkonyan
Rebecca Camilleri

Sound Designer & Composer
Mario Sammut

Visual Artist and Set Designer
Matthew Pandolfino

Liam Gauci
Manwel Magro Conti

Collaboratively Produced with
Malta Maritime Museum

Hosted by
Heritage Malta

Supported by
Studio Seven
Malta Arts Fund