Old Salt

Photography by Darrin Zammit Lupi

Old Salt (2012), an open air theatrical performance, looks at the historical significance of Malta’s Grand Harbour and presents multiple perspectives on how life and love was experienced by women partnered to corsairs and captains in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Based on factual events and historical figures, Old Salt presents the lives of four women each burdened by a personal and potentially tragic love story. As they wait by the shores of the Grand Harbour their relationships are developed and secrets are shared. Events unfold to reveal a surreal and lonely universe wherein these four women discover both real and imaginary beasts that can emerge from the sea’s dark waters. The performance features rich multi-media content as tales are recounted through mime, poetry, and drama, and include masks, illustrations, giant moving beasts, and the sound of stringed music performed by a live international quartet from a sculpted shipwreck berthed on land.


“…the event gave the historic surroundings and balmy night a subliminal quality which merged the folk tale with the fantastical…Old Salt was one of the best performances at the Malta Arts Festival this year. It was as entertaining as its message was powerful and showcased exactly what the Arts Festival should be all about. Bravo!”


Rebecca Camilleri
Ira Melkonyan
Ada Wendy Moira
Maria Pia Meli
Jimmy Grima
Anthony Askew

Sound Designer & Composer
Mario Sammut

Visual Artist and Costume Designer
Matthew Pandolfino

Assistant Visual Artist and Costume Designer
Matthew Micallef

Ana Topalovic – Cello
Rahia Awalom – Cello
Roberta Attard – Violin
Lucie Kucharova – Cello

Visual Artist
Anthony Askew

Liam Gauci

Creative Writer
Dr Arndt Kremer

Lou Cope

Jimmy Grima

Supported by
Grand Harbour Marina
Austrian Embassy
Birgu Local Council
St.James Cavalier
Ministry for Gozo
Gozo Centre for Art & Crafts

Commissioned by
Malta Arts Festival